Mark Lindquist's Performance Review

Mark Lindquist's performance review

Hello, Mark. What did you try to sell us in 2014? Let's examine your campaign press release from that election:

Ok, how have these claims panned out?

Claim: "Under Mark's leadership, the Pierce County Prosecutor's Office has earned a state-wide reputation for vigorous prosecution, public service and professionalism," said Troyer.

In fact, he was leading the state in violations of the rules for prosecutors, and triggering waves of successful appeals. Vigorous? Reckless. And costly.

Claim: "formed a Gang Unit, which has successfully prosecuted hundreds of violent gang members and associates, reducing gang violence in Pierce County by over 50 percent."
Claim: "He also began the Elder Fraud Unit that focuses on aggressively prosecuting offenders who victimize our most vulnerable citizens."

He took credit for this in in 2014. He's still taking credit in this election?

Claim: "The Prosecutor's Office has a reputation for strong stands against baseless lawsuits, protecting taxpayer money, accessibility and professionalism."

Laughable. Now he has a reputation for hiding from legitimate lawsuits, and blowing huge sums of citizen taxes doing it. Lying to judges and endangering murder trials cannot be called professionalism!

Claim: "... a nationally-acclaimed author. His books have been bestsellers and published in several languages."

3 of his 4 books are generally considered duds.

Pierce County deserves a straight shooter...

Lindquist only pitches spin

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