WSBA Letter Recommending Disciplinary Hearing


September 8, 2017

Denise Williamson Greer
Pierce Co Pros Ofc Civil Div
955 Tacoma Ave S Ste 301
Tacoma, WA 98402-2160

John Cain
802 N 2nd St
Tacoma, WA 98403-1929

Re: Grievance of John Cain against Mark Evans Lindquist ODC File No. 16-00748

Dear Ms. Greer and Mr. Cain:

We have completed our investigation, and we write to advise you of our conclusions before we report this matter to a Review Committee of the Disciplinary Board. Our analysis is based on interviews of Jared Ausserer, Gregory Greer, Judge Jack Nevin, Heather Songer, and Mike Stewart; a review of the court file in State of Washington v. Skylar Nemetz, Pierce County Superior Court No. 14-1-04212, and a review of the documentation listed at the end of this letter.

We are recommending that the Review Committee order this matter to hearing. If you wish to provide additional information or address our analysis, you should do so on or before October 9, 2017. The Review Committee will be provided with the documentation listed at the end of this letter and with anything further that you send to us. All materials will become public when and if the Review Committee orders the matter to hearing or orders that an admonition be issued, unless the materials are covered by a protective order.

Mr. Cain, a Pierce County criminal defense lawyer, filed this grievance against Mr. Lindquist, the elected Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney (PA). He alleges that PA Lindquist violated RPC 3.6 and RFC 3.8(f) when he gave an interview on Nancy Grace, a nationally broadcast television show, about an ongoing criminal jury trial. Ms. Greer represents PA Lindquist.