People whitewash Mark Lindquist's Wikipedia entry

Mark Lindquist, American lawyer and author.

For many years, changes to the Law Career section would be replaced with this simple, glowing review:

Lindquist has been with the Pierce County Prosecutor's Office for more than 20 years. He was appointed in 2009, elected in 2010, and re-elected in 2014. As District Attorney, he has instituted innovative crime-fighting initiatives.

In Wikipedia lingo, this description violates many principles of NPOV (stating opinions as facts, with no citation of reliable sources). I believe Mark's publicist at Simon & Schuster was the vandal.

In March, 2018, James Lynch attempted to deface the page. Mr. Lynch earns $86,000/yr as Communication and Public Information Coordinator for the Prosecuting Attorney, Mr. Lindquist.

I know this because he used his work computer, and so we requested that the county identify the operator of the IP address involved.

The county provided detailed logs of external resources requested by the computer of jlynch.

He visits:

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